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A World Elsewhere! Arias in the Key of Clown

Photos from the Clown Show.

Company member Ben Newman and his band of clowns developed this piece for the 2009 New York International Fringe Festival. The story is based off the experiences and feelings of the collaborators' first experiences in New York City and reflections upon how the city had changed them over time.

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A World Elsewhere! Arias in the Key of Clown

Concieved and Directed by Ben Newman 

A World Elsewhere! performed at The Cherry Lane Theatre at 38 Commerce Street as part of FringeNYC. 




The Lost- Justin Ness & Lucy McRae


The Wanderers- Trevor Dallier, Neil Fennell, Andrew Harriss, Melissa Johnson & Monica Moreau




Assistant Director- Cassandra Schwanke

Stage Manager/Acrobatic Advisor- Megan Jupin

Costume Design- Antonia Ford-Roberts

Lighting Design- Rocco Disanti

Sound Design- Trevor Dallier, Ben Newman & Neil Fennell

Graphic Design- Ali Gilbertson & Jim Gilbertson


Photos by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

“In the world of downtown theatre, it is rare to see something so earnest as A World Elsewhere! Arias in the Key of Clown, presented by Wide Eyed Productions”

Click here and here to read full reviews. 

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