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Noah's Arkansas

A storm is coming.

Photo credits: Paul Newland

A Southern parable about the struggles and redemptions of fathers and sons and the value of the time spent with one another.

“I had the pleasure of seeing Noah's Arkansas, the latest play from Wide Eyed Productions at the Wings theatre. I left convinced that the next generation of great American theatre is about to take center stage”-Huffington Post

Noah's Arkansas

By Jerrod Bogard

Directed by Neil Fennell

Noah's Arkansas had its world premiere with Wide Eyed Productions at WINGS Theatre in New York's West Village. It opened 4/21/10 and closed 5/15/10.




Justin Ness as Wayne Riggins 

Kristin Skye Hoffmann as Lizzy Riggins

Michael Komala as Michael Riggins

Erik Frandsen as Lester Riggins

Judy Merrick as Tammy

Bennett W. Harrell as Tom

Lucy McRae as Barbara

Brianne Mai u/s 




Stage Manager Megan Jupin

Lighting Design by Ryan Metzler

Set Design by Joshua David Bishop

Sound Design by Trevor Dallier

Original Music by Mike Sorrentino

Costume Design by Antonia Ford-Roberts


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