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a digital series

Bar Crossed Lovers is a new digital comedy series about the steps we take and the connections we (try) to make in the world of dating; the hits, the misses, the stumbles, tumbles, falls and gaffes. And sure, even the occasional success. But let's be honest, most of the time, connecting with other people is hard.

And it's usually pretty awkward.

Created by Jake Paque 
Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann
Produced by Wide Eyed Productions and Stag Nation Productions
with episodes written by Dan Kitrosser, Sam Byron, Andrew Harriss, Madison Comerzan, Michael Ross Albert, Jenna D'Angelo and Jake Paque

Meet the guys.

Greg Carere as BRIAN

Meet the girls. 

Therese Anderberg as JESSICA
Justin Liebergan as JUSTIN
Brennan Lowery as CHRIS
Billy Bob Thompson as WILL
Jenna D'Angelo as KATHY
Ava Eisenson as LISA
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