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Why are we Wide Eyed?


Wide Eyed Productions exists to bring brave, bold and culturally relevant new texts to production. With a core ensemble of emerging theatre artists we are dedicated to leaving our audience wide eyed.


Wide Eyed Productions (WEP) officially incorporated in 2013 but has been producing prolifically since 2007. Our first production was Euripides' The Medea. The talent involved in this production inspired the founders to officially develop a company.


Since inception our values have guided us to where we are today.  In 2013 the collective made the decision to focus exclusively on new works by up-and-coming playwrights. It is the area of the arts in New York that inspires us most. 


Artistic Values: Elevate Emerging Artists. Breathe new life into the performing arts. Bring brave, bold and culturally relevant texts to life. 


Company Values: Approach the artistic process with professionalism. Esteem for our audience. Support the core ensemble.

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