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Here at Wide Eyed, many of our company members have worked hard as interns during their career. Taking all of our experiences into account, we wanted to create an experience that will give students the chance to do real meaningful work, and offer as much guidance and career support as we can.


Here is what being a Wide Eyed Intern means:


  • A professional credit with a new works company in NYC

  • Flexible scheduling of 5-10 hours a week

  • Possible academic credit, to be negotiated with your institution

  • A one on one mentorship with a professional who sets aside time for you each week to discuss your work and goals

  • $100.00 stipend or a one month MTA metrocard, your choice

  • A pair of opening night tickets

  • Three comps to be used on friends and family throughout the run

  • recognition in both the playbill and our company website

  • Collaborate with peers in the field

  • As many introductions, recommendations and experiences for you as we can muster!


Our Pledge to our Interns:

  • Wide Eyed staff and mentors will always respect you as a professional member of our team

  • Wide Eyed will always assign tasks that will benefit your education

  • Wide Eyed will always offer constructive feedback of your work and help you with your professional goals


What we need:

Dates of Internship February 24th-April 30th


Design and Technical Intern: This intern works closely with our resident technical director, but spends time with every designer on the production and gets to collaborate on many technical aspects. Duties May Include:

  • Budgeting technical elements

  • Researching and identifying materials and items required for the productions

  • Assisting with communication between design departments and Technical Director

  • Dimmer checks before performances

  • Troubleshooting problems with Technical Director

  • Prep work for any changeovers

  • Maintaining cleanliness and organization in all electrics areas.


Front of House/Managerial Intern-

Works closely with the Producers of the play to ensure a successful production. Duties Include:

  • Assists with maintaining production calendar and schedules, budget tracking, future season planning

  • Attends production/design meetings and helps facilitate production work

  • Aids in front of house duties such as budgeting concessions and overseeing ticket sales

  • Helps with coordinating ushers


Artistic: This intern works closely with the director of the production and functions as an assistant to the director. This intern is expected to attend rehearsals for the production as well as production meetings. Major duties include:

  • Attending production meetings and giving reports

  • Providing research & material at the request of the director

  • Facilitating communication between departments

  • Assisting the director as needed


Stage Management Intern: Working closely with Professional Stage Manager, this intern is expected at most rehearsals and and serves primarily as the assistant stage manager.

  • Track technical and textual changes

  • Aid with plots & scheduling

  • Help with communication between departments

  • Prep work for any changeovers

  • If schedule allows, serve as ASM for the run of the production


How to work with us:

  • Send a short letter of introduction, addressing why you would like to join the team

  • Take a look at the rehearsal and production calendar(s) and let us know of any conflicts


All Submissions should be sent to:



Be  A Wide Eyed Intern. 

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