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The Medea

Hell hath no fury...

Photos from the Medea.

Wide Eyed's Inaugural production brought new life and verve to this tragic Greek classic about a woman’s revenge against her husband after he betrays her for another woman. An intense play performed by the original Wide Eyed members.

Cast and other info:

The Medea

By Euripides 

Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Wide Eyed Productions' Inaugural show; produced at the Richmond Shepard Theatre from 11/6-11/18 2007.


Amy Lee Pearsall as Medea

Trevor Dallier as  Messenger

Sarah Flanagan as Glauce

Ben Newman as Aegeus

Andrew Harriss as Tutor

Melissa Johnson as Child

Justin Ness as Creon

Sky Seals as Jason

Sage Seals as Child

Liz White as Nurse



Lighting Design by Jeremy Pape

Board Operator Lea McKenna-Garcia

“It was a thrill to see the Wide Eyed team live up to their company's name. If you miss this one you should certainly keep your eyes wide for whatever they do next.”

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