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Much Ado About Nothing

Your mom is much ado about nothing.

Using a classic text, Wide Eyed brought a prescient and honest take on Shakespeare's text by setting it amongst the hipster den of Williamsburg. Set entirely in a coffee shop we see the story and characters clearly through our own contemporary experience as young upstarts in New York City.

Photos from Much Ado.

Cast and other info:

Much Ado About Nothing

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Much Ado ran a the Gene Frankel Underground Theatre from 2/21-3/16 2008. 


Lea McKenna-Garcia as Beatrice

Brian Floyd as Benedick

Justin Ness as Dogberry

Anthony Reimer* as Leonato

Lauren Bahlman as Hero

Trevor Dallier as Claudio

Sky Seals* as Don Pedro

Scott Voloshin* as Don John

Danny Gardner* as Borachio

Vanessa Gibens as Margaret

Kym Smith as Ursula

Paul Basile as Watchman

Melissa Johnson as Verges

Andrew Harriss as Conrad

Sage Seals as Balthasar

Brianne Mai as Antonia

Nick Basille* as Friar Frances

Devin Moriarty as Sexton

Jerrod Bogard as Watchman

Set Design by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Costume Design by Eleni Koutsouradis

Wardrobe Marybeth Irons


Photos by Nicole Medina 



*Actors Appeared Courtesy Actor's Equity

“Complete with ironic tag-line: You're Mom's Much Ado About Nothing, this production is a hipster-magnet 400 years in the making”

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