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Confess it and all will change.

Photos from Phèdre.

This classic tale of unrequited love and devotion interpreted as a morality play about the dangers of a paparazzi and celebrity obsessed culture.

Cast and other info:


By  Jean Raccine

Translated by Wallace Fowlie

Directed by Aubrey Snowden.

Produced at the Access Theater Gallery 11/6-11/23 2008.


Genevive Gearhart

Vanessa Gibbens

Ali Gilbertson

Brian Kaufman

Cindy Kawasaki

Colin McFadden

Lucy McRae

Malachy Orozco

Jake Paque

Kym Smith


Christa Hinckley - Stage Manager

Julianne Just - Assistant Director

Sabrina Kahn - Costume Designer

Joe Novak - Lighting Designer

Joe Varca - Video/Sound Designer

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