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Swashbuckling Sam and the Tale of Blackbeard's Revenge

by Leonora Bernstein

Directed by Stephanie C. Cunningham & Kristin Skye Hoffmann

part of FringeJR NYC 2016

Opened August 21

at Venue # 6
The 14th Street Y Theater 

Swashbuckling Sam… features an ensemble of amazing adult actors including Kelsey Foltz (Sam), Duane Ferguson (Long John Silver), Lucy McRae (The Pink Fairy), Samantha Cooper (Old Fish), Will Farrell Jr (Billy Bones), & Trey K. Blackburn (Blackbeard’s Ghost).  The production team includes Cate DiGirolamo (Lighting Design- TACT, Royal Court Theatre), Melissa Chernowitz (Shadow Puppetry- Dancing Lantern Shadow Theatre) and Zachary Kelley (PSM).

Meet the cast. 

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