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The Trojan Women

Back to our roots.

Photos from the Trojan Women.

In a nod to our beginnings, director Kristin Skye Hoffmann once again shows the continued prescience of classical drama in this play about how women are affected by the horrors of war.

The Trojan Women
by Euripides
translation by Gilbert Murray
Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

The Trojan Women performed at The Kraine Theatre as part of Wide Eyed's Residency at Horse Trade Theatre Group. It ran  7/7-7/23 2011.




Savvy Clement as Sophronia

Anthony Doqaj as Astyanax

Elizabeth Doqaj as Polyxena

Molly Gilman as Poulynoe

Jael Golad as Helen

Suzanne Hepker as Kalyra

Melissa Johnson as Cassandra

Lisa Mamazza as Oxinuz

Judy Merrick as Pallas Athena

Justin Ness as Menelaus/Poseidon

Amy Lee Pearsall as Hecuba

Kirsta Peterson as Andromache

William Reid as Talthybius

Rachel Riendeau as Melantha




Assistant Director- Carly Knight

Dramaturg- Jerrod Bogard

Stage Manager- Lesley Stone

Set Design- Alfred Schatz

Light Design- Dante Olivia Smith

Sound Design- Trevor Dallier

Costume Design- Olivia Warner & Jaco Connelly



“Wide Eyed Productions effectively and movingly uses Euripides' play structure”-Off Off Broadway

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