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Wide Eyed Winks

A series of staged readings presented free at The Underground Lounge in Manhattan. The readings ranged from Shakespearean classics to Contemporary published works to original plays by local NYC playwrights. 

Photos from each of the 11 Winks.

This season of "Winks" was intended to develop work that will further define Wide Eyed as a company, as well as its place in the New York arts world. We cast a wide net to bring a variety of NYC theatre artists together in one room. And admission was FREE! 

From this series we discovered and are currently in production for

Dead Special Crabs by Dan Kitrosser! 

Cast and other info:

Wide Eyed Winks (2013)


Frozen by Bryony Lavery

Directed by: Jordana Williams

Featuring: Lisa Mamazza, Kristen Vaughan, Sky Seals, Will Farrell


Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

Directed by: Stephanie Johnson

Featuring: Erik Franzen (Baptista/Lord), Amy Fulgham (Widow/Alehouse Hostess), Andrew Harris (Vincentio/Tailor/Grumio), Lucy McRae (Bianca), Jake Paque (Petruchio), Amy Lee Pearsall (Katherine), Tristan Sample (Lucentio /Curtis), Sage Seals (Hortensio), Sky Seals (Biondello), Leif Steinart (Tranio/Pedant/ Nathaniel/Servant), Liz White (Gremio)


Dead Special Crabs by Dan Kitrosser

Directed by: Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Featuring: Nic Marrone (Loomer), Liz White (June), Amy Lee Pearsall (Aunt Missy), Kevin R. Free (Horntub/Man), Andrew Harriss (Walter), Jessiee Datino (Kathy), Leif Steinert (Virgil), Carly Knight (Barista/Radio), Melissa Johnson (Edgar Allen Poe Girl/Radio), Lisa Mamazza (Radio/STAGE DIRECTIONS)


The Miser by Moliere

Directed by: Nathan Shreeve

Featuring: Sarah Francesca Brænne (Stage Directions), Dennis Fox (Anselme), Andrew Harriss (Master Simon), Alex Herrald (Valere), Colin McFadden (Master Jacques), Judy Merrick (Brindavoine/Police Officer), Mary Round (Frosine), Sky Seals (Cleante), Sage Seals (La Fleche), Tom Walker (Harpagon), Eleanor Westbrook (Elise), Liz White (Mariane)


Gordy Crashes by Sam Byron

Directed by: Judy MerrickFeaturing: Tobias Segal, Jordan Tisdale, Laura Ramadei 


Proof by David Auburn

Directed by: Celine Rosenthal

Featuring: Alison Hirschlag, Tracy Farber, Jake Paque, Ken Jennings


Tallgrass Gothic by Melanie Marnich

Directed by: Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Featuring: Lucy McRae, Jeffrey Adams, Melissa Johnson, Neil Fennell, Brennan Lowery, Andrew Harriss


Reborning by Zayd Dohrn

Directed by: Jeremy Pape

Featuring: Missell Leddington, Judy Merrick, Sky Seals


Opened: December 11, 2012

Closed: June 9, 2013


Ran at The Underground Lounge Performance Space in New York City

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