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A Girl Wrote It

Photos from AGWI.

In conjunction with the 20/20 Project’s goal to increase the number of plays produced that were  written by female playwrights, Wide Eyed dedicated a one act festival of plays written exclusively by women.

“Wide Eyed deserves to be commended for putting together an evening of such out and out quality”-Broadway World

Click here and here and here and here for full reviews. 

A Girl Wrote It. 

Ran at The Red Room Theatre as part of Wide Eyed's residency with Horse Trade Theatre Group. It ran 2/7-2/20 2011



Directed by Jerrod Bogard

A police stand-off is fertile ground for spiritual healing. A hostage situation turns into a beautiful night in.


Julie--------------------------------------------------- Becky Sterling Rygg

Jeff--------------------------------------------------------------- Eric Whitten

Hal-------------------------------------------------------------- William Reid



Directed by Tim Butterfield

Where do babies come from? In the future they come from screened donors chosen for their I.Q. scores, which sounds like a good idea-- unless you're below the line.

A----------------------------------------------------------------- Tom Carman

B------------------------------------------------------------------ Lucy McRae

C------------------------------------------------------------- Allison Moody*

D------------------------------------------------------------- Anthony Mead

Efficient Woman-------------------------------------- Mim Granahan*


The Return of Toodles Von Flooz

Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

"A film noir satire as dark as my third nipple and twice as funny."- A. Vincent. Betty O'Boozenberg, the Irish Jew, helps uncover the mystery of Toodles Von Flooz in this bar room morality tale.

Johnny---------------------------------------------------- Colin McFadden

Betty O’Boozenberg------------------------------------Lisa Mamazza

Myrtle MacGillicutty---------------------------------------Brianne Mai


Plight of the Apothecary

Directed by Justin Ness

Sexually ambivalent siblings explore the limits of their post apocalyptic reality in this of poetic, mind-bending, dark comedy.

One ------------------------------------------------------- Kirsta Peterson*

Two----------------------------------------------------------- Mike Komala

Merk------------------------------------------------------- Andrew Harriss

Rov---------------------------------------------------------- Sean Hefferon

Ru--------------------------------------------------------- Melissa Johnson


Interludes Performed by-----------------------------------Liz White 

Directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

Written by Henrietta Ozelle, Bekah Brunsetter & Lulu Arbid 




Stage Manager- Lesley Stone

Sound Design- Colin Whitely

Lighting Design-  Joe Novack 

Scenic Projection Design- Brian Bernhard

Poster Design- Jerrod Bogard


Photos by Kristin Skye Hoffmann

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