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A Devil Inside

Avenge your footless father!

Photos from Devil.

This dark comedy by David Lindsay-Abaire takes the audience and characters through a Doestoyevskian nightmare. Love, loss, and revenge are set against a decaying and sinking New York City.

Cast and other info:

A Devil Inside

By David Lindsay-Abaire 

Directed by Justin Ness


Lauren Bahlman as Lily

Andrew Harriss as Carl

Kristin Skye Hoffmann as Mrs. Slater

Jake Paque as Brad

Sage Seals as Gene

Liz White as Caitlin



Assistant Directed by Aubrey Snowden

Assistant Director/Stage Manager- Sky Seals

Lighting Design- Joe Novack

Costume Design- Eleni Koutsouradis and Hired Guns

Scenic Projection Design- Omar DeLeo

Graffitti Art- Ryan Miceli

Sound Design- Trevor Dallier


Production photos by Paul Newland


A Devil Inside ran at the Richmond Shepard Theater from 6/26-7/13 2008.

“Given this is only Wide Eyed’s third production…they are already a force to be reckoned with and will shortly be well known for producing some of the best and most daring theatre in New York City.”-Sugarzine

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